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Improved levels of indoor air hygiene – safely inactivates viruses, bacteria and germs

The innovative and patented VIROXX-QUADRO technology is a combination that is unique worldwide: pathogens harmful to health are completely inactivated.
A microfilter on the intake side of the unit efficiently removes dust particles from the ambient air.
A combination of photo-oxidation and photocatalysis enables simultaneous inactivation of germs and removal of odorous substances. The driving force behind these reactions is high-energy, short-wave UVC light and a photoactive catalyst. An additional catalyst is installed downstream of the photo-oxidation air stream to improve the effectiveness of the photochemical sterilisation process.
The final stage involves a special ionisation technique that enriches the air with activated oxygen. These enable concentrations of natural, health-improving air ions to be adjusted, provide long-term sterilisation of indoor air and surfaces and effectively neutralise odours.